Make Informed Resource Decisions with TEAMit!

    Track assignment variances, get insight into resource performance, and easily adjust schedules for varying resource productivity.
    Works with what you have:  SharePoint or Office 365; Project 2010 Standard or Professional, with or without Project Server

    TEAMit! benefits organizations by:

    DeltaBahn TEAMit! helps you build better plans, faster and easier.  TEAMit! is an Add-on for Project 2010 (Standard or Professional) that works with SharePoint to:

    1. Track variances (work, start, finish) for individual resources, and provide team performance reports – for a single project or across a portfolio.

    2. Allow Project or Resource Managers to check historical resource performance data while building a project team, and easily modify planned work accordingly.

    TEAMit! also works with Microsoft Office 365.

    Instant Performance Feedback
    TEAMit! uses Project 2010 (Optionally with Project Server 2010) to view historical and in-flight performance of Resources, showing you Actual vs. Planned across all assignments for each Resource.
    Track variances (work, start, finish) for individual resources
    Provide team performance reports for a single project or across the portfolio
    Historical scores updated and available for future project planning  

    Build Teams and Schedules with Better Data!

    With TEAMit! you can build schedules based on Resource Performance.

    Choose the ‘best’ performing team member(s) for a particular assignment

    Update Project Estimates with resource specific historical variance coefficients

    Identify performance based risks within a Project